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 Artists and Scientists Get-Together

Burlington House Courtyard Late

Saturday 30th November, 2019
6:00 pm to 9:00 pm
Burlington House,

Piccadilly, London 181 Piccadilly · London
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See the Burlington House Courtyard like never before and discover the six learned societies that reside here, furthering the study of art, history and science and sharing it with audiences around the world.

As 2019 is the International Year of the Periodic Table we will be exploring elements through art, history and science …

Each society has a unique programme to offer audiences of all ages, and great food and drink on offer, too!

Please check individual Society pages for further details and information on how to book.


Our doors will be open until 10 pm. Visit our website to find out which exhibitions and events will be on.




Join us for a free behind-the-scenes tour of the Geological Society Library. This is a chance to see rooms of the Society not usually open to the public and some treasures from our collections. The tour includes a visit to our Map Room with its collection of 40,000 geological maps from around the world. To mark the Geological Society’s Year of Carbon and the courtyard theme of ELEMENTS, we will look at a few items from our archive that throw light on the importance of the coal industry to the development of the science of geology in the 19th Century.

Booking essential as space is limited – Book online


Join us for an evening of detective work to discover how life survives in the most extreme environments.  Activities will focus on different animals and plants and how they survive in environments where certain elements/ nutrients are lacking. Activities will include an escape room themed event in our discovery room, talks on carnivorous plants in the meeting room and games of life in the library.


Hydrogen (H),  helium (He) and oxygen (O) are the three most abundant elements in our universe, so it is appropriate that our event is all about the Sun (75% H and 25% He) and the Moon (42% O). We will focus on photography and cartography as we welcome Mark Holborn, who will be talking about his book Sun and Moon (Phaidon, 2019). Many of the sublime photographs which feature in the book will be on display in our Library.  Sign up for a free ticket


You are invited to join us at our Research Showcase for an engaging afternoon and evening event, providing our grant recipients the opportunity to present their work at Burlington House through table-top displays, talks and interactive workshops.

The aim is to raise public interest in and awareness of the Society, history and archaeology by showcasing significant research that the Society has supported. Admission is free and open to all.

We look forward to seeing you there …

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