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 Artists and Scientists Get-Together

Royal College of Art Degree Show 2019

Saturday 29th June, 2019
12.00 to about 3.00pm
Darwin and Stevens Buildings Royal College of Art

Kensington Gore London SW7 2EU
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Explore a wide range of artistic, engineering and design projects at this underrated show.  You will have the opportunity to engage with the students and exchange ideas about their projects. Those who went to the work in progress show will be able to catch up on your favorite projects, see who has received funding for further development and which projects have been adopted by industry.

The Royal College of Art graduate show will take place in late June, simultaneously across a variety of internal and external venues. Show 2018 offers visitors a unique opportunity to experience the very best of emerging contemporary art and design practice. Over 800 art and design postgraduate students will present work of exceptional quality, imagination and technical skill, exhibiting design solutions to pressing global problems alongside fine art that informs and enriches our worldview. The exhibitions are free, with much of the work for sale or commission – ranging from paintings to prints, glassware to jewelry and furniture to textiles.

Design Interactions, Design Products, ICL/RCA Global Innovation Design, ICL/RCA Innovation Design Engineering,  Service Design, Sculpture, Textiles, Vehicle Design and Schools of Design and Arts & Humanities Research Programmes.

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