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 Artists and Scientists Get-Together

A Visual Feast

The Culinary Microcosm of the Japanese Lunch Box
Monday 20th May, 2019
6:30 to 8.:30 pm
The Royal Society

6-9 Carlton House Terrace, SW1Y 5AG
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How to find us

I will be holding a sign and try to hold a few seats before the event starts. Look for a meetup sign after the talk.

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The traditional Japanese lunch box, or bento, has undergone a number of metamorphoses over the long course of its history, becoming a staple and a unique point of pride in Japanese cuisine. Depending on the occasion, bento can range from a mass-produced lunch container available from railway stations, to lovingly hand-crafted compartmentalised meals set in equally stylish lacquerware. However, the most notable transformation may be perceived in the category of home-made lunch, the ingredients of which not only form an appetising meal but also, with increasing intricacy, a visually engaging one. This is known as kyara-ben (character bento) and it is particularly enjoyed by children, who will often receive bento bearing the likeness of famous manga and anime characters.

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